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Advocates protest over San Jose's affordable housing proposal

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There were some tense moments Wednesday when a South Bay homeless group gathered to protest a realtor.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan on Wednesday unveiled some June budget priorities, including strategies for the homeless, which led to the protest.

The community groups were protesting the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors' support of a controversial proposal by Mahan to prioritize more immediate short-term housing over long-term affordable housing projects, which take years to build.

The money would come from the taxpayer-approved Measure E, which was passed a couple of years ago to address homelessness and affordable housing.

One protester said she’s grateful for temporary shelters but doesn't see them as a solution.

“I’m in temporary housing, in a shelter,” said shelter resident Laura Laform. “You just don’t know.”

The frustration boiled over and protesters took their demonstration into the Association of Realtors office, most refusing to leave even after being told police had been called.

Police arrived just as most protesters were leaving and there were no arrests.

Robert Handa has more in the video above.

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