Produkty regionalne & gastronomia – wyzwania i rozwiązania (Entrepreneurial discovery process event)

Produkty regionalne & gastronomia – wyzwania i rozwiązania (Entrepreneurial discovery process event)

The event was organized by the PUEB partner at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poznan city, on 31st of May 2019. The theme of the meeting covered 3 issues as outlined in Foodbiz Handbook: 1)agree-food chain, 2)gastrotourism 3)ICTs and agri-food.

First, the participants were invited to listen to three presentations prepared by specialists within the above themes, specifically following issues were presented and discussed: 1) fairs as a part of agree-food chain and its role in promotion and distribution of regional products, 2) regional gastronomy in tourism and challenges for regional restaurants to create a tourist experience, 3)promotion of regional restaurants in social media and building effective on-line communication. Next, the participants were divided into 3 focus groups; their task was to solve specific problems related to concrete issues. The leading motifs underlying the specific tasks were the subjects from the presentations. The focus groups were led by PUEB Foodbiz team members with active help of presenters if necessary.

At the end of event, all groups together discussed the conclusions and shared their opinions.

36 questionnaires were collected after the event. Based on the evaluation results the workshop was an interesting event for participants. They were very satisfied the overall organization and quality of the items delivered. Also, there was a positive feedback about the things they have learnt.

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