The consortium composition builds upon previous experiences and shared reflections about the tackled issue, and on the basis of the needed expertise to carry out all project activities. All partners have contributed to the design of the FOODBIZ proposal, by bringing their previous experiences with methods and techniques, then lessons learnt, and their know-how on the territories addressed by the action, and the detected need at the present stage of planning.

The FOODBIZ consortium is composed by four universities involved in tourism and agriculture-related fields from four different countries. The academic staff involved ensure a competent working team in topics such as: sustainable tourism strategies; place branding; participative processes for local development; teaching and learning for tourism sector; marketing; business and economics.

The academic partners count on established relations in the field of agri-business and food tourism in their reference territories: these will be involved directly in the project activities, being main beneficiaries.

Two intermediate bodies are also involved as representatives of business players and as stakeholders in the addressed sector: their presence within the consortium will ensure that the point of view of enterprises and other stakeholders will be taken into account alongside the implementation process.

Finally, two European networks, one representing gastronomy and food and the second cultural tourism will ensure the European dimension of the action and the review of reputed experts in the field.