Laboratorio Piceno della Dieta Mediterranea

The Laboratorio Piceno della Dieta Mediterranea is an association with the aim to honour and promote the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean diet originally developed from the eco-system and lifestyle of the Marche community. For the past 60 years, the Mediterranean diet has been part of an ongoing research study, conducted by the Seven Countries Study (SCS). The SCS was the first major study to investigate diet and lifestyle along with other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The members of the association belong to different professions, organisations, and companies in the Marche territory (province of Fermo). The members are committed to honouring the values of the countryside of the Marche, the Mediterranean Diet and those who are keepers of the traditional recipes. The members are also committed to promoting wholehearted hospitality, to creating opportunities in which farmers and small producers of agri-food can present and sell their products, to protecting villages and old trails, and to providing a real sense of community feeling for those on holiday so that present and future generations will never lose touch with “Terra di Marca”.