University of Rijeka – Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management (FTHM) in Opatija (NACE: higher education institution / tertiary level) is the legal entity within the University of Rijeka, consisting of 7 institutes and performing study programs from undergraduate to doctoral studies and LLL programs. FTHM employs a total of 99 employees, 73 of which participate in the educational process (48 university professors and 25 university and research assistants). FTHM is Croatia’s only university institution fully oriented to education for the managerial positions in tourism and hospitality industry and to the scientific human resources development in this field. Hence, the mission of the Faculty is to take part, through teaching and research work, in the realization of the new development model for Croatian tourism which will appropriately present natural attractions and cultural values of Croatia. Education and research activities are almost exclusively focused on contemporary issues and topics related to tourism and hospitality industry, such as: sustainable tourism development, tourism strategy development, destination management, tourism impacts, specific forms of tourism, including health and wellness tourism and marketing for tourism and hospitality. Besides that, FTHM’s core activities include scientific and professional research and projects, consulting, publication (scientific journal, books, textbooks) and organization of conferences, seminars. It is also the publisher of the Tourism and Hospitality Management journal (ISSN 1330-7533; EBSCO publishing, Scopus, PROQUEST).