Scary Seafood – Experiential Learning Workshop

Scary Seafood – Experiential Learning Workshop

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Date(s) - 04/09/2018
13:00 - 17:00

School of Business, Economics and Law


The workshop was focused on Scary Seafood. Scary Seafood refers to unusual types of seafood that are not normally eaten in Sweden.The overall objective of the workshop was: how can we increase consumer awareness and attractiveness of sustainable scary seafood products for consumers and tourists? The workshop was organized under the aegis of FOODbiz, but it also involved two other projects: Scary seafood and Maritime development in Bohuslän. The Scary Seafood project is a pilot project involving the Marine Department at UGOT, aimed at investigating the possibilities of using new marine algae or animals, or cuts from fish and shellfish that the "regular" consumer today does not eat for various reasons, mainly because they are not available in trade or served at restaurants. The Maritime development in Bohuslän project, aimed at supporting and creating conditions for the maritime industries in Bohuslän.

Program of the event:

  • 01.15 pm – Welcome, introduction to FOODbiz project
  • 01.30 pm – Introduction to Scary Seafood project
  • 01.40 pm – Consumer perceptions – Experiencing Scary Seafood
  • 02.20 pm – Coffee break and group discussion
  • 03.15 pm – Plenary discussion
  • 04.00 pm – Break
  • 04.10 pm – Poul Holm on Smart Cities and Food
  • 04.30 pm – Final discussion and conclusion


Partners of the event:

University of Gothenburg


European Commission

Maritima Klustret

Till Vakt Bohuslan


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