Monthly Archive August 2018

VeryMarche – Experiential Learning Workshop

The #Foodbiz Experiential Learning Workshop by #Unimc, “VeryMarche”, took place the 28th of june at Casa Marche Mymarca Macerata. About 40 people joined the event. First, the participants were asked to answer to some questions: “according to you opinion, which are the 5 most representative products of the region?” They also had to put it in order from the most representative to the less one. Students, teachers, agrifood and tourism entrepreneurs and institutions animated the discussion. How to promote these products? Which marketing strategies are needed to brand the region through gastronomy? How to preserve the quality of the products? How to link the products to the territory? The importance of collaboration among producers to create a strong image of the region; local productions and internationalisation…only a few examples of the topics discussed! A special menu from Marche was prepared and tasted during the dinner. Each producer presented his own company and the product/dish served at the dinner. For each one there were some questions for participants, to better understand the consumer perception. From the data collected, a preliminary analysis showed that the most representative product according to the participants is “ciauscolo” a typical creamy salami who has the PGI certification.